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Home and Living, Decor, Tech Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Outdoor

KW-Commerce has created successful proprietary brands like kwmobile, kalibri, and Navaris under one roof. As an e-commerce revolutionary, the company consciously decided to sell on online market places like Amazon and eBay: close to customers, fast, world-wide. The company sells more than 23,000 items in the areas of 'accessories for consumer electronics' and 'home & living'. KW-Commerce serves more than 8,000,000 customers a year based in Europe and the US.

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Smartphone Cases, Tablet Covers, Laptop Sleeves

caseable is an international company with locations in the US and Germany. caseable produces hand-crafted phone cases, laptop bags, e-reader and tablet cases, among a lot other accessories such as Kletties. With their customized products, they not only make people in over 30 countries happy, but also work together with partners like QVC and Amazon. Every year they make more than a million customers happy.

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Books, Travel Guides, Postcards

Libri is a central link between publishers, brick-and-mortar bookstores and online retailers. They provide one of the most modern logistics services in the book industry with more than a million unique SKUs in multiple languages.

Libri has developed one of the most efficient logistics and IT infrastructures for retailers with a reliable infrastructure to ship most items overnight.

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Carbon Offset

Clime is a team of passionate entrepreneurs with the mission to enable tangible climate action for firms and their customers. With their multiple carbon footprint offset products they incentivize CO2 reduction and enable CO2 compensation through their handpicked and verified climate protection project partners.

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Neodigital Versicherung AG distributes liability, home contents, accident, property and residential building insurance through independent brokers in Germany. Backed by a few of the largest European reinsurers Neodigital has managed to dynamically create a diverse set of insurance products that perfectly fit to a large variety of verticals.

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