API Integration (Widget)

The most flexible way to get and show the recommendations is to use our API (see our Reference for all technical details).

You will receive your recommendations with a simple GET request:


The response is a structured JSON, which provides all the information needed to show the recommended cross-selling products.

JSON Response

A comprehensive JSON response for one product is below. However, if more than one product is recommended, the "recommendations" array will provide the additional products in the following structure.

 "recommendations": [
     "vendor": {
       "legalName": "caseable GmbH",
       "name": "caseable",
       "logo": {
         "square": "https://media.caseable-stage.de/ logo/squared.png",
         "landscape": "https://media.caseable-stage.de/ logo/horizontal.png"
       "id": "caseable"
     "sku": "caseable/ PF165XXC01737XXAPIP65",
     "price": {
       "value": 19.9,
       "formatted": "$ 19.90",
       "currency": "USD"
     "name": "Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Eco Friendly Phone Case, \ "Eco-Design\" by caseable Designs",
     "images": {
       "thumbnail": "https://caseable.com/ media/catalog/product/ thumbnail/ apple-iphone-11-pro-max- eco-friendly-phone-case/ caseable-designs/ eco-design.jpg"
     "descriptions": {
       "short": "Design protection for your device",
       "long": "This accessory from caseable not only looks great, but also protects your device all around. caseable produces environmentally on order and is known for its great artist designs."
     "delivery": {
       "timeMin": 5,
       "timeMax": 8
     "actions": {}

The JSON response always provides the following information, which can be used to display the products.

Vendor Information

The vendor object provides the following information for every vendor:

  • LegalName: The legal name of the entity, as displayed on invoices
  • Name: The name the customer sees
  • Logo: A URL to a logo image file in squared and landscape - This image can be used if you want to show the vendor’s logo to the customer.
  • ID: the internal vendor ID on our platform

Product Information

The SKU string shows the unique identifier of a product on our platform.

The price object provides following information:

  • Value: Numeric value of the price, for calculations
  • Formatted: The numeric value in the correct format to display to the customer
  • Currency: The three-letter ISO code for the price currency

The name string shows the full name of the product.

Images provides a number of product image URLs with the required "thumbnail."

The descriptions object provides:

  • Short: A one-line description of the cross-selling product, to introduce it without going into much detail
  • Long: A longer description of the product, to create a detailed overlay in the widget

The delivery object provides two data points on the delivery time:

  • TimeMin: The minimum delivery time in days
  • TimeMax: The maximum delivery time in days


Actions are optional actionable URLs that trigger operations on the platform. They are deactivated in the default configuration.