Cross-Selling Widget

The recommendations are displayed in the cross-selling widget. Moreover, the widget provides the customer with additional information and allows the customer to add the products to the cart.

The widget is fully configurable and can be adjusted to the look and feel of your website.


You can decide where the widget should be displayed (e.g., in the basket, the checkout, a popup, the product-detail page, or on all pages mentioned). The best-fitting location and amount of integrations depend on your user journey.


The most common location in which to display the cross-selling widget is the basket. The customer has already selected his/her final product and has displayed a willingness to buy, so that is the perfect opportunity to show fitting cross-selling items. Moreover, the basket is a late stage in the journey and shows a high-level of trust in your brand. However, it is still possible to seamlessly add complementary products to the basket without the need to recalculate the final price and taxes.

Overlay to Basket

Another option is to display the widget as a popup between the order detail page and the basket, right after the customer adds the base product. In this case, the customer has already selected his final product and demonstrated a high willingness to buy it. An overlay reminds him about fitting cross-selling items and creates a high awareness of the complementary product. In addition, there is no need to recalculate the final price and taxes.

Product Detail Page

The cross-selling widget can also be displayed to show complementary items on every product-detail page. This display enriches the product-detail pages. To prevent the complementary item(s) from replacing the base product purchases, an "add to cart" click should not lead to a direct load of the basket, but should stay on the product-detail page.